“How To 10x Your Followers Online, Grow Your List and Multiply Your Sales In Just 5 SHORT DAYS!

(So You Can Quickly Grow Your Audience, List and Revenue!)"

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“How to Quickly Grow Your Social Media Audience with Right-Fit Clients and Customers”

DAY 1 – Who is your ideal, right-fit client?

We will kick off this INVIGORATING challenge on day one by identifying EXACTLY who your dream customers are and then how to create the perfect magnet to attract them to you so that you never have to chase after them again.

DAY 2 – The Follower Multiplier

How to QUICKLY GENERATE THOUSANDS of followers in just minutes for pennies a day no matter your niche, location or right-fit customer.

DAY 3 – The Audience Avalanche

How to double up on your audience growth so that you can GROW YOUR FOLLOWING in an instant.

DAY 4 – The Clicks to Customer Formula

How to turn your followers INTO PAYING CUSTOMERS so that you generate sales while multiplying your audience.

DAY 5 – The Automatic Selling Machine

How to “set and forget” your social media sales machine so that your business continues to GROW ON AUTO-PILOT.


Kim Walsh Phillips

Kim is the founder of Powerful Professionals, a business coaching and education company. She was recently named #475 in the Inc 5000 and is a multi-seven-figure business entrepreneur with no business degree and a tendency to say “crazy pants” more than is socially acceptable. She is the best-selling author of The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business and The No BS Guide To Direct Response Social Media Marketing. (Fun fact: She uses a thesaurus when she writes or she would use the word “awesome,” “cool,” or “very” 7,452,675 more times than she already does.)

She’s an in-demand speaker, having shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Kevin O'Leary and Gary Vaynerchuk.  

Nick Loise

Nicholas Loise (The Million Dollar Closer) has been a salesperson, sales leader, successful entrepreneur, marketing and sales executive, Presidents Club winner, speaker, author and recently Vice President of Sales, President and Chief Revenue Officer with a company focused on helping small to midsize businesses improve their marketing and sales.
He is an author and co-author of many books on sales and marketing, sought after speaker and has created the following educational courses: Sales Mastery, How to​ Create a High Impact Sales Team​ and was the co-presenter of the No BS Sales Bootcamps and the Magnetic Marketing Bootcamps focused on helping small to medium size businesses sell and market better and he has been an adjunct professor of marketing at North Park University in Chicago. 
Not only is Kim the first social media marketer I ever heard that even mentions ROI, but that is her main focus. She is also the first marketer I have ever recommended to all of my Shark Tank investments and who I use for my personal business. We had her speak at our recent Mr. Wonderful Summit and the attendees loved it. She has my full endorsement."

--Kevin O'Leary
Aka "Mr. Wonderful," Shark Tank

"There’s so much fluff out there. But not with Kim. If you want someone who gets how social media can actually drive results, look no further."

--Clayton Morris 
Fox News, The Fox & Friends Show
As most people know, I have a cautious and critical attitude toward ‘social media marketing’ – in large part because most of the promoters and peddlers of it as well as the entrepreneurs and companies pouring money into it are loathe to apply tough-minded productivity and ROI measurements to it. Kim is a sane and rational voice in the cacophony of charlatans. She is getting dollar-measurable, direct response results for my private clients."

--Dan S. Kennedy
Marketing Strategist/Copywriter. Author, NO B.S. book series


The world is changing dramatically every minute. There has never been a better time to take action for change in your business, for your customers, for all that you serve to multiply your income and impact.

Those that don’t shift will be left behind.

Now is the time to make your move and pivot into massive growth in just a few days.

This challenge kicks off January 18th and 5 days later, if you play full out and follow our lead, you will have 10xed your online audience.

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